Thursday, February 04, 2016

The Monster Within

Please read this story because it might save some of your loved ones today from abuse at the hands of someone you trust.!the-monster-within/ghjmr

so sad, yet so prevalent in our community.

Uncles and relatives who prey on the young. 

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Samoan women - leading globally in: the most obese catergory

In academia, particularly anthropology and history, we learn about the importance of being the teller of our story, particularly minority groups or those who are traditionally, the researched.
okay ----aint nobody got time for a long winded fagogo....
Just have a look at this
isn't this sad?

I'm no saint when it comes to eating healthy, and I'm not about to compete in the next bodybuilding contest but ----we do have a real problem Houston.

Rest of the story here refers to the Tongan experience but applicable to us.

Some comments from the article include:
She frowns. "But, nobody wants Tongan houses anymore, because something Western, something modern, people think is better. People associated Tongan style of homes with poverty.
"Just like with our food."
The traditional Tongan diet is fish, root vegetables and coconuts, as you might expect for a palm-fringed island in the middle of the Pacific.

Same same for us, our want for things European is the beginning of our demise.
"Good food, in a Tongan sense, is lots of food," says Rev. Dr. Ma'afu Palu, a minister who is making it his mission to preach healthier eating.
He's among many who criticize church leaders for failing to set a good example to their parishioners. Ministers are authority figures in this deeply religious society and according to Palu, 85 percent of them are obese, thanks partly to the regular feasts they take part in.
The obesity epidemic is not solely due to mutton flaps and turkey tails. Lots of fatty canned meat is consumed — sometimes from giant 96-ounce tins.

Sad sad sad.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

my sewing machine is operational again,

thus my blog absence.

Here's a lil fagogo about the sewing machine struggle-nation.

My mother sews like a bawse, or rather, like a 11 year old Bangladeshi. She is brilliant.
I blogged before about how I was a nightmare diva when she sewed us our dresses for White Sunday.
Makua'i faigaka lava o a'u designs ga I lo'u ulu I la aso.
Anyhow, fast forward to now and my 8 yo has turned out to be a mini me to my mother.
She sketches her dream design on paper, coloured even and then asks me to sew it.
Here's the problem, my sewing qualifications is like, non-existent.
I did a year with Yuri at Logoipulotu and that was it.
Then the rest of the time, I've done things with mom helping or her cutting while I sewed.
Otherwise, I am not good at it.

But in the last two years, I've had NO choice but to learn. Mom is busy and when she's home, she is busy on the solitaire lol.

One of my grand goals, aside from getting a boob job, is to enrol in a sewing course.

But for now, yours truly will just struggle along the way....

The weight of the Australian Dream

This speech my Stan Grant went viral in the lead up to Australia Day this year.

Have a watch, listen:

It is a beautifully presented perspective and worldwide that white Australia tries to sweep under the mat.

Friday, January 22, 2016

My brada demonstrating how to do a umu